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Religious Life

01 Can Lutherans be Radical? A 500-year-old Counter-Cultural Tradition

Dr Jason Mahn
Augustana College

For 500 years, Martin Luther's 95 Theses (1517), and the Reformation itself, have been debated by Christians. But do we fully recognize their social and political implications? This class explores several Protestant teachings (justification by grace, theology of the cross, vocation, etc.) and figures who live them out in radical ways, including Luther, Dietrich Bonhoeffer, Dorothee Soelle and maybe even you.

02 Sharia, Muslims, and Culture

Dr Cyrus Zargar
Augustana College

Lisa Killinger, DC
President of the Muslim Community of the QC

This course will discuss the concept of Sharia in Islam. What role does it play in the lives of Muslims? Does Sharia threaten democratic and modern ways of life? By considering the practice of Islam and the cultures of Muslims, this class will address questions about violence, the rights of women, and religious tolerance.

03 Using Celtic Wisdom of the Seasons to Enhance the Spiritual Journey

Dr Pat Shea
Augustana College

Ancient Celtic wisdom perceived spiritual gifts embedded in each season of the turning year. We will explore the Celtic insights into the spiritual gifts offered in each season. We will reflect on how this Celtic perspective can enhance our own spiritual journey. This course will be participatory and experiential.

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