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Personal Enrichment

14 Astronomy for the Amateur CLOSED

Roy & Jan Gustafson
Popular Astronomy Club, Rock Island

Come and explore the wonders of the universe. We will learn about the sun, moon, planets, meteorites, stars, telescopes, and the current state of space exploration. We will observe the sun with a telescope and learn the constellations inside a portable Starlab Planetarium. There will be hands-on activities.

15 Basic Spanish

James Thornton

This course assumes no previous knowledge of Spanish. The course will teach some greetings, basic questions, basic counting, days of the week, some conversational expressions, etc. There will be games and activities. The class will use handouts.

16 Beginning Acrylic Painting

Allen Holloway
Figge Art Museum

Students will learn the basics of painting with acrylics while completing a landscape picture. You will learn composition of the painting, color theory, mixing colors, glazing, pallet preparation and brush stroke technique.

  • Liquitex brand thick body Titanium white, ivory black, cadmium red, cadmium yellow, ultramarine blue. (5 TUBES PAINT TOTAL)
  • Styrofoam plates
  • paper towels
  • #6 hog hair filbert brush
  • #6 hog hair (stiff) fan brush
  • #8 round (pointed) synthetic hair brush (3 brushes total)
  • 16x20 Canvas

17 Birding

Carol Rogers
QC Audubon Society

Come and learn about the birds of our area. Topics include bird identification, habitat requirements, how to look at birds and where to go. This course is team taught by members of the Quad City Audubon Society.

18 Bookbinding

Joseph Lappie
St Ambrose University

Make four dynamic binds (more with variations) over the course of this class: The Pamphlet; The Concertina; The Japanese Stab Bind; The Link Stitch. These books can be used for personal journals or more exciting artistic endeavors. Purchasing of decorative and interior paper is required. All other supplies are provided.

19 Classic Shamanic Journey

Rev Kathleen Collins

One of the most remarkable visionary methods used by us to visit other realities, power animals and spiritual teachers for the purpose of gaining wisdom for your life, for others and for the planet. This course is experiential. And FUN. And life changing.

Please bring a blanket to sit on, and eye cover and a notebook and pen.

20 Day by Word: Keeping a Writer's Journal

Farah Marklevits
Augustana College

Some people keep journals as regularly as clocks. Others make resolutions and soon lose steam or consider journaling, but can't seem to make the time. If you already keep a personal journal or have ever thought of taking up the practice, this class is for you. We'll learn the kinds of material writers include in their journals. We'll experiment with exercises designed to help us pay attention and make meaning out of what we notice and experience. We'll encourage each other to write regularly by sharing parts of what we write. By the end of the month, I hope you'll see how the practice of keeping a writer's journal can open and deepen your attention to the world, both outer and inner.

21 Intro to Digital Photography

Ron Chappell
St Ambrose University

This class is designed to demystify the workings and applications of digital camera from pocket size to those that require a shoulder bag or back filled with a variety of lenses and equipment. You will learn how to understand and use the booklet that came with your camera, learn how to remove image files from your camera for safe storage matters, design concepts, seeing the qualities and applications of light and much more. We will also explore the history of photography and how it has evolved to this latest digital form.

22 Knitting CLOSED

Belinda Holbrook

A beginning, advanced-beginning knitting course for new knitters or those who have put down their needles for a while. Learn to cast on, knit, and purl. Bring straight needles size 9 or 11 and a skein of light-colored acrylic yarn. Additional supplies will be needed as projects are selected.

23 Letters from Home Lap Quilt

Margaret Estes-Sylvester
Jam Patched Designs

A lesson in easy triangles and different ways to use them. Using quick piecing methods, this quilt is easily expanded to any size. Make it scrappy from your stash or from selected fabrics. Easy construction. Students provide fabrics (3-4 yards background fabric plus prints), sewing machine, and sewing kit.

24 Living Yoga CANCELLED

Rebecca Sebastian
Sunlight Yoga Therapy

Ever wondered what your yoga teacher knows that you don't? This course will cover some of the living principles that make yoga such a powerful and life changing tool for people. We will study the yoga living principles as well as how to include posture, breath work, and meditation into your daily life. Bring your own mat or towel. Absolutely everyone welcome.

25 Mindfulness Meditation

Evan Harris
Tapas Yoga Shala

Meditation is an ancient practice enjoying a modern resurgence for one simple reason: it works. Learn simple techniques for managing stress, understanding emotions, improving relationships, and enjoying life. Expect both guided practice as well as discussion, weekly audio tracks for home practice, troubleshooting, Q - A, and lecture on the history, theory, diversity, and unity of meditation around the world.

26 Oh Georgia: The Life and Art of Georgia O'Keeffe

Gloria Burlingame
Figge Art Museum

"Fresh perspectives and new research on O'Keeffe's work," a statement from the 2016 Tate Modern exhibition catalog, is the inspiration for this class. We'll take a look at Georgia's life, discuss her art, and be inspired to create pieces of our own in pastel and watercolor. (A $3 materials fee payable to the instructor on the first day of class is required. An apron or paint shirt is recommended.)

27 Simple Brush Writing

Paul Herrera
Art Legacy League

No previous experience necessary as this workshop will guide you through a hands-on understanding of a basic brush written alphabet. You will learn the special characteristics and ‘personality’ of the brush as contrasted with hard-tool calligraphy while practicing the essential elements of upper case and lower case letterforms. On the practical side, you will be able to make creative calligraphic artwork as well as Yard Sale and Garage Sale signs for fun and profit.

28 T'ai Chi Ch'uan

Scott Caulpetzer
Great River T'ai Chi Ch'uan

T'ai Chi Ch'uan is a system of Chinese Kung Fu. These slow motion, rounded, balanced movements are practiced by people of all ages around the world for self-defense and to achieve physical, mental and spiritual well-being. Wear loose-fitting clothes for this moving meditation.

29 Teaching Yoga in an Institutional Setting CANCELLED

Johanna Welzenbach-Hilliard
Promoting Wellness, Inc.

This course is for YOGA TEACHERS. We will cover the "Dos and Don'ts" of teaching yoga in institutional settings such as hospitals, rehabilitation centers, and outpatient programs. We will cover ethics, policies, confidentiality, and practical applicability of yoga tools. This class will be mostly discussion-based with participation from the students in a question-answer format. There will also be demonstrations on modifying and adapting postures for a variety of recipients so please wear comfortable clothing and bring a mat and blanket or cushion if you wish.

30 The Psychology of Marriage

Dr William Hampes
Black Hawk College

The class will examine the factors that influence the selection of a spouse, the courtship period, the development of the marital relationship over the years, and the factors, such as personality, values, attitudes, goals, children and culture, that affect the nature of that relationship and the level of marital satisfaction.

31 Yoga for Wellness

Kelly Harris
Tapas Yoga Shala

Learn ways to integrate yoga into your life and enhance your overall wellbeing. In this class we will practice yoga poses, learn breathing and relaxation techniques and discuss ways we can use yoga to find balance in our daily lives.

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