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Arts & Humanities

04 1917, 1947 - 1967: Decisive Events in Israel's History

Dr Arthur Pitz
St Ambrose University

2017 marks the 100th anniversary of the Balfour Declaration, the 70th anniversary of the UN's vote for the partition of Palestine, and the 50th anniversary of the Six Day War in June, 1967. Thus, this seems to be a good occasion to take a retrospective look at the history behind these three events and assess their lasting significance. What were the choices and why did the events unfold as they did? How do we make sense of the widely variant narratives of these events?

05 Myths in Space CANCELLED

John Turner
Scott Community College

Forbidden Planet and 2001 were packed with mythological references. Star Trek opened the floodgates, and Star wars literally exploded with them (frequently). We'll explore some of the stories behind the classic movies and series. One book, Star Wars and the Magic of Myth, will be available through the instructor.

06 Art - History of International Cemeteries

Minda Powers-Douglas
Author, founder-editor of TheCemeteryClub.com

Learn how global cultures honor and celebrate their dead. We'll travel from places such as Europe, Asia, Africa and South America. We'll also explore the cemeteries of Paris, London, Tokyo and more. Death rituals and ceremonies will also be discussed.

07 Heinrich Böll, Conscience of a Nation

Dr Tamara Felden
The University of Chicago

This course will study the life and work of the German author, Heinrich Böll, who has been called the conscience of a nation. We will read Billiards at Half Past Nine and discuss such questions as: What impact does the past have on the present and future? What is the relationship between church and state? What is the responsibility of the individual in society? While the novel was written in 1959 and the action occurs on a single day in 1958, it is highly applicable to the historic times in which we live and to the historic and moral questions that challenge us every day.

08 Masculinity in America CANCELLED

Dr Eric Stewart
Augustana College

Certain ideas about masculinity seem "normal," but most men both recognize and resist those ideas in the way they "do" gender in everyday life. This class will examine several competing versions of what it means to "be a man" in the U.S.

09 Promoting Diversity and Social Justice Leadership: Lessons from the Holocaust

Dr Marrietta Castle
Holocaust Education Committee of the Greater QC

It's important to use the past to understand how to address oppression in today's society. Resources, activities, and lessons from the Holocaust will be offered to address social justice issues today. One person can make a difference is the theme for each session that will be of special interest to youth, parents, and educators.

10 Storytelling from the Bible and Myth CANCELLED

Rev Julie Monnard
Lutheran Pastor

Storytelling in public and private settings is experiencing a resurgence. From presenting a Bible lesson in worship to telling a story to grandchildren, people of all ages and backgrounds are yearning to learn how to tell a story better. Some stories originate in written form while others are created from personal experience. In this course, every participant will learn methods of storytelling and have opportunities to practice in class.

11 The Grown-Up Fairy Tale

Prof Sarah McDowell
Augustana College

Often dismissed as simple or childish, fairy tales are actually ancient narratives that convey universal truths relevant to us all. We will explore the fairy tale world by reading The Djinn in the Nightingale's Eye: Five Fairy Stories by the Booker Prize-winning author A. S. Byatt (ISBN 978-0679762225).

12 Tutankhamun in Retrospect

Brian Alm
Independent Scholar

If you visited the magnificent Tutankhamun Exhibit at the Putnam Museum in 2016 and want to really understand Tut, his times and ancient Egypt in general, or if you missed the exhibit and are kicking yourself now, here's your chance to take a virtual tour and dig a lot deeper than the exhibit could do. The New Kingdom (especially the 18th Dynasty in which Tut lived) is arguably the most fascinating period of Egypt's 3,000-year history. Come see why.

13 You're Acting Funny

Chris Jansen
New Ground Theatre

Hone your comic timing in this hilarious acting class. We will study partner scenes and monologues from contemporary comedies. Students will have an opportunity to perform their scenes at New Ground Theatre in early March. All experience levels welcome.

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